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Tomasz Zięba has established himself as a prominent figure in the realm of music, excelling both as a cellist and an educator. Since joining the string faculty at the Bass School of Music at Oklahoma City University in 2003, he has made significant contributions to the institution's musical landscape. Recently, Zięba has held the position of Associate Principal Cello with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic and Associate Professor of Cello and Chamber Music, showcasing his prowess on the instrument in both educational and professional settings. In 2017, Zięba undertook a new endeavour by founding the Oklahoma Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra, where he served as the Music and Executive Director. This initiative reflects his commitment to advancing the chamber music scene and providing progressive and unique musical experiences to audiences.

Zięba's musical journey commenced in Krakow, Poland, where he embarked on his cello education at the age of seven. Under the guidance of Prof. Henryk Zarzycki at the Music Academy in Krakow, he honed his skills before relocating to the United States on a full artistic scholarship in 1993. He completed his Bachelor of Music degree at Texas Christian University and furthered his studies at Southern Methodist University, earning a Masters of Music degree and Artist Certificate under the mentorship of distinguished instructors such as John Burton, Ko Iwasaki, and Christopher Adkins.

Throughout his college years, Zięba actively sought opportunities to refine his craft, participating in private lessons, master classes, and music festivals both in the United States and abroad. Notable teachers, including Stephen Geber, Ron Leonard, Desmond Hoebig, and Brinton Smith, further enriched his musical journey.

Zieba's performances have taken him to various countries and cities worldwide, allowing him to captivate audiences with his exceptional talent. He has held significant positions in orchestras such as principal cellist of the Irving Symphony Orchestra and co-principal cellist of the Plano Symphony Orchestra. Additionally, he has collaborated with esteemed ensembles like the New World Symphony, Abilene Philharmonic Orchestra, Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, and Krakow Philharmonic. In recent years, Zięba has expanded his artistic endeavours by performing recitals and conducting master classes across the globe. Noteworthy engagements include the European Musical Workshops in Poland, the Oficina de Música de Curitiba in Brazil, and the OCU Summer Music Festival in Oklahoma City. He has also undertaken solo recital tours in China and performed concertos and recitals with various Oklahoma City-based art and music organisations. Aside from his performing career, Zieba is deeply committed to nurturing the next generation of musicians through his role as a dedicated pedagogue. Many of his students have achieved remarkable success, securing placements in All-State orchestras, winning prestigious competitions, and gaining acceptance into top-tier music programs.

Currently, Tomasz Zięba's ongoing dedication to enriching the musical landscape of the Krakow metro area in Poland is admirable, particularly through his dual roles as a performing cellist and a volunteer educator for Ukrainian young refugees .  By offering his expertise as an educator and entrepreneur, he provides valuable opportunities to learn and engage with music, which can serve as a source of comfort, expression, and empowerment during challenging times.

Zięba's contributions highlight the transformative potential of music in fostering resilience, promoting cross-cultural understanding, and building connections within communities. Through his efforts, he not only enhances the cultural richness of Oklahoma City and Krakow but also exemplifies the importance of using one's talents and resources to support those in need.


Mr. Zięba performs on the cello made by Schweitzer in 1880.

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